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Back to medieval times

8th of October 2016

In the cooperation with historical army unit „Kliški uskoci“, „Domagojevi strijelci“, „Vitezovi kralja Zvonimira“ and „Vitezovi Vranski“, ISHA Split performed the medieval crowning of Croatian king Zvonimir. Performance took part in the Hollow Church located in Solin, town near Split where the king was crowned on 8th of October 1076. After the performance of crowning, participants moved to the Klis fortress where the programme was continued: workshop of the swordsmanship and archery, workshop of the Glagolitic script and heraldry and medieval cuisine. The statists of Game of Thrones closed the whole programme informing visitors about their experiences of shooting that HBO series on the Klis fortress.

photo: Božidar Vukičević and "Toma Arhiđakon" -  ISHA Split

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